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    Recruiting | Flashpaper | Newly formed War Clan | Any TH |

    Hi im Nutrientgg the leader of Flashpaper. We are a newly formed guild by a few friends (four of us at the moment) who are looking at doing some wars (currently doing 5v5's). We are about having fun above all else and we dont take ourself's to seriously. We are based in Australia but accept people from across the globe.

    To join you must :
    - Have a sense of humour.
    - Be mature (We dont mind what age you are just dont be an idiot).
    - Donate often.

    We are looking at recruiting people to do some 10 v 10 wars or even 15 v 15 if we can get the numbers. If you are interested in joining please fill out the following questions and put a join request in game.

    In game name:
    TH level :

    To look us up in game our tag is #28CR282PJ

    Looking forward to waring with you!!

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    Still looking for more members!

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