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Thread: War donations

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    War donations idea

    I have idea plz make new donation counter for war in new we can know that who gave donation in war...sometimes anyone give wrong troops. So this is my suggestion hope u follow it
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    This can not be done and this has been explained many times by moderators. This was idea was already short down.

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    If by a counter you mean it lists whom provided the troops, but doesn't count towards any achivement then I'm not opposed to it.

    If you mean it adds to any of your donation achievements then it's currently ruled out and won't be included.

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    Yeah, I don't care for the achievement, but I do wish to know who gave who troops in both clan war and clan war league. This last league, the final war to end off the league (we won it and moved up yay), somebody (probably rushed it idk) decided to give wallbreakers to alot of the war castles, which had me LIVID. My problem was, the wallbreakers were a level that basically most of the people had, so I couldn't even bring justice cause I can't punish most of my members, and had to really stay on to try to catch people to fix their war castles. If it was implemented to just see who donated what troop, I would be happy.
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