Please consider adding an icon to indicate if a player is in a clan war when they are requesting troops. Better yet, the icon could show how many attacks they have left in the current war! The way the troop request appears in chat, there is plenty of space to the right of a player's name for a little icon to indicate that the play is in-war with attacks remaining.

I don't know how many times I've searched the current war map to see if a player who is requesting troops is in the war or not, and if they have war attacks remaining. This is especially true now that siege weapons are in the game because I want to prioritize donations of sieges to players with upcoming clan war attacks. This feature would also be helpful for last minute requests at the end of war to help donators prioritize. Other times, players will leave their request message "troops for war" or something like that up, even though they have already used both war attacks, so this feature will again help donators prioritize their donations.

Ewan Whatarmy