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Thread: Lvl 17 war clan | recruiting a few recruits for CWL | **the mastor**

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    Lvl 17 war clan | recruiting a few recruits for CWL | **the mastor**

    **the mastor** (tag #2JY2JQ8U) is looking for strong th11 and 12 recruits for our lvl 17 war clan to join in CWL. We do back wars and currently have only a few extra slots in clan. We have recently been rebuilding with new TH10s after several of our core Th12 clanmates went inactive.

    lvl 17 international clan with 6 years xp
    Master League III (won 6 of 7 CWL wars last several times)
    Max points in every clan games
    ~40 active members and a strong core
    We have around 10 active TH12s (several maxed out), 8 or 10 active TH11s (several maxed out), and a bunch of TH10s.
    We war back-to-back

    TO JOIN: We are looking for a few TH 11 and 12s with somewhat strong heroes (combined 80+ for TH 11 and 100+ for TH12).

    MERGE: We would love to find a small clan with high level active members to bring in. This would allow us to repolulate our lvl 12 junior clan with our TH 10s and lower th11s. Details can be discussed. Ideally, the clan would have 5 to 10 members (TH11 and 12 with strong heroes) and would be willing to consider folding into our clan. Logistics and terms is something we can discuss

    Hope to talk to you soon!
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    Would like to talk of a possible clan merger

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    Would you guys be open to merging out? Level 15.5 clan that has a ton of 12's. Let me know if you're interested.

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    Hi WizKing, we are looking to have a group of people come over to us. Happy to discuss if that would be in your interest!

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    Looking for great people who want to join

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