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Thread: Suggestion - More Decisions on Base Design / Defence

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    Suggestion - More Decisions on Base Design / Defence

    First post, suggestion:

    Give us a number of defence points from which we can choose to customise our setup, e.g. 100 points total, you can pick 5 cannons (20pts each) OR 4 archer towers(25pts) OR 2 wizard towers (50pts), OR an xbow OR inferno (100pts)
    (just for example, I haven't balanced my forum post).

    You would still have 80% of the bases common to each TH level, but there would be just enough room for creative layouts etc. - are 4 extra cannons worth 1 xbow? I dunno, worth trying...

    Whatta ya think?

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    Personally donít like the sound of the idea, it sounds a little to complicated when there are a lot of defenses at higher townhalls, thereís plenty of different bases about and endless possibilities if you can come up with them yourself

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    does that mean that you could have just Xbows or inferno towers?
    that might make the game a little unfair, cause some buildings may only attack land or air.

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