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Thread: Banned Wrongly!

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    Banned Wrongly!

    Hello Supercell Moderator

    My account has been banned wrongly, because my other account was hacked and i wanted to recovery it,
    Unfortunately i wrote incorrect answer,
    I'm owner of two accounts,
    I don't need first account that someone hacked it,
    I want just second account that supercell banned it,
    Supercell Moderator please unban my account,

    Village Name : LmnTer
    Tag Player : #22V20GPJC
    Village Level : 165
    Townhall Level : 11

    If you want more information of banned account tell me!

    I'm waiting for you
    Thank you very much

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    right behind you

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    Moderators are not SC employees. They are just players like you and me who volunteer their time on these forums. They can’t help you. No one here can help you. The only way to recover your account is through support. If they won’t help you then your account is gone.

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