[Recruiting] ��AWW #PC0VV2J0 | ��TH10+ | Level 16 Adult FP War Clan | ��Maxed GG | ��SCCWL M2 | Offers League Wars

Aussie Wootwoot (AWW) | Th10+| LvL 16 | FP Adult War Clan

Welcome to AWW #PC0VV2J0 We are a back to back adult war clan. Which means we take war serious to win. We like to have a casual/competitive environment. We use strategy to Win! WAR is not about the Loot! Stars Win Wars!
We want loyal members active members and welcome players from all over the world. We are all here to have fun and get that little bit better at the game of Clash of Clans. You are not expected to be perfect, but we do expect you to do your best and you must use both attacks.
There’s no such thing as a bad attack if you learn from it and continue to practice. If you are willing to learn or teach than we want you.

��No Engineered or Rushed Accounts
��Th10 30/30+
��Th11 40/40/10+ (an even balance between offense and defence)
��Th12 50/50/20+ (an even balance between offense and defence)

�� Looking for:��
⚡Looking for members that have a burning desire to become 3 star specialists.
⚡Respectful at all times
⚡War/Clan games participants
⚡Members willing to learn and teach
⚡Must use both attacks in war

�� Benefits: ��
✔️Mature clan-mates
✔️Maxed Clan Games
✔️Offer League Wars (MLCW, NDL or CWL – our alliance clans)
✔️Constant activity
✔️Relaxed atmosphere with no drama
✔️An active and organised discord server with war plans posted for each war

⚔️War in AWW⚔️
��No need to hold attacks
��No mirror hits
��Call base in game
��Choose a base you can 3 Star and crush it
��Th9/Th10 will attack early