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Thread: Upgrading heroís

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    Cool Upgrading heroís

    I believe we should be able to use our heroís in war while they are upgrading just keep them the current level. The same rule applied to the heroís as the defenses.

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    Well, if a building is being upgraded, like a mortar, it is temporarily disabled. It cannot defend while being upgraded. Heroes are kind of like buildings. It's just how the game works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dartagnan1q View Post
    I believe we should be able to use our hero’s in war while they are upgrading just keep them the current level. The same rule applied to the hero’s as the defenses.
    Supercell has already stated countless times this will not be happening. They gave us the book of heroes and builder potions for this exact purpose, to be able to use our heroes when we want to war.
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    A quote from Darian, our community manager, on the matter:

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    No, we don't. We've provided plenty of methods for upgrading your Heroes. We reduced the upgrade time, the resource requirements, also added Book of Heroes, and now the Hammer of Heroes.

    Making Heroes available while they are upgrading would completely invalidate the use of the Magic Items we've created. It's very unlikely this will change any time soon.

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    Plus it makes sense, we have enough options to use our heroes during wars, if you don't want to war without heroes just don't. In the end there has to be a balance between free to play and making the game profitable to continue supporting..once the company stops making money out of the game we'll not have the game to play with.. There are lot more important things that needs balancing than this simple issue.
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