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    I don't mind at all. It's a normal totally allowed strategy. Other strategies sometimes take longer too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holps View Post
    As I click to view the enemy attack after I finish I loathe the sound of those sneaky archers so much that I want to hunt down the game developer that first raised their hand with the idea and force him to eat raw garlic washed down with cheap, warm Chardonnay. As for the Cannon nerf..combine them with Giants and Super Pekka and they are still very decent.
    I’ll help you hunt him down. Lol

    When I scout my opponent useing sneaky archers, I set my alarm and go to bed, then when I wake up the next morning they are on there last couple of archers
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    Blame the Sneaky Bomber !

    Quote Originally Posted by mrunalkant1998 View Post
    I am frustrated in builder hall getting attacked by mass archers and wasting my clock tower boost....
    Actually some lonely Bomber grinding through remaining walls is responsible for draining my clock tower boost way more often.

    (at least for me at 4600-4700 trophies)

    -- marrvin

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    i would have to completely agree with you that archer is really annoying,.

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