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Thread: Active derby players in squirrelville!

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    Active derby players in squirrelville!

    SQUIRRELVILLE - red cherries white background!

    Looking for more people that love playing the derby for fun! We are currently in the expert league but keep going up to champions then back down to expert! LEVELS 35 and higher!!

    Would love to have some fun active players join our neighborhood just had to kick out a few inactive people so we now 7 spots open!!

    SQUIRRELVILLE - red cherries with white background

    Tag is: 9UYY2JGY

    Come join us and say hello! I am the leader my farm name is

    Level 55 LOVING FARM my tag is 9cylycj9j

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    Join Squirrelville! We would love new people and active players! Lots of helpers!

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    Love to have some friendly people join our neighborhood! Looking for some helping friends!

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