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Thread: 1st time Legend...

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    Last season I went to legends, as a maxed th11, I was able to reach 5511 cups, as someone said you it depends on how many time you can spend on clouds, I wont lie you, it is hard, around 5300 cups, you will just found almost maxed th12, which mean that you just can expect in getting one or two stars. Try a cool design, I used one that, around one in four was three stars, most of the rest were two. In my case, the troubles started about 5400 cups, the defences were all against people with lower cups than me. Last season week, I started loosing about 20-50 cups per defences, that is ridiculous when you, usually will get about 2-8 per attack ( I just found once, with that cups, a whale wich offer me 48-50 cups),so at least, last season, was almost impossible for me, to climb much more, and of course I bought a two days shield for the last season weekend, the final attempt of attack, I waited for six hours, and no village was offered to me.
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    Why do you have to wait for leadership to tell you you can go to TH12? This is a game, it shouldn't have people force other people to play the game their way. Oh well, each to their own. I guess some clans might do this - I would immediately leave a clan forcing me not to upgrade my TH. If you don't mind being forced to play a certain way by someone else ... I guess that's your call.

    In terms of being in Legends, I'm sitting close to 6000 trophies and I haven't seen a TH11 since low 5000's, if I see a TH11 its an instant 3 star, maxed or not. So yes its possible but expect to get 3 starred on a continuous basis, while with your TH11 offence, it being much more difficult to 2 star max 12's.

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    I'm almost a th11 max aswell and also went to Legends, but did not see the benefit of doing it. The loot bonus is nice, but three starring is getting difficult against TH12 and the clouds are.... I think going to TH12 is smart wasting loot by waiting not able to upgrade is waste of time. Besides being a TH12 has the profit to donate war machines to your clan and in CWL it is not a disadvantage your placed as clan and not by TH level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodyIrishman View Post
    Right? It literally makes zero sense from any perspective short of not understanding how the game works.

    EDIT: I guess I can think of one. You're clan can't replace you at all and you won't be available for war the moment you upgrade to TH12.
    This^. I appreciate everyone's concern, but, it's a mutual agreement. A couple extra weeks waiting for our 2 new th11's to beef up offense is fine with me.

    I'm currently using edragloon for my push. Any one have a 2 star ground army? I've seen lots of mass bowlers w/ healers in the camps of the few th11 legends i can see...

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    If your max 11 with near max heroes theirs no reason not to push 12 just don't drop the 3rd inferno it has a weight trigger.

    Pushing in legends is a waste of time as an 11 and clan games will put you in the clouds for hours.

    Maybe just push until end of season for the profile addition then drop on back down.

    If your heroes are maxed leadership be damned gem that TH to 12 5star no real weight difference.
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