Family Alliance looking for league and war minded players

Little Sneakers / LVL 16 clan / #YQ2RY0VP / War Clan with League Opportunities

Little Sneakers home to cwl, ndl, and fwl players and reps.

We are a B-T-B war clan usually running large wars.

We accept th9-th12 anyone well balanced, active and ready to always strive to improve.
We run a league style war play and our matchups will challenge you.

Check us out today of we fit your style of play. We are adults only.

Part of M.I.L.E. alliance

  • Isotis #92G0GC8Q
  • Little Sneakers #YQ2RY0VP
  • Element 29 #PPGJQVR0
  • Gear Buddies #8UV29YUL
  • Tide w/ Bleach #8CGJJUQ0 (war with hero down clan)
  • F3AR USA #2JG0U82V (th3-th9)
  • Dirty Martini #Q02V882G
  • UK Noobs 40+ #LV82G0GL

Join our discord server: