The match ups in Clan Wars almost always seem to end up with the highest bases, the town hall 8’s and below don’t get a look in. The number of times we have come against 4 town hall 12’s and a bunch of 11’s and 10’s with nothing lower is a bit too frequent.

How about a weight limit that forces clans to be less ‘top heavy’

for (a very simplified non algorithm based) example, a war of 15 town hall 12’s would weigh in at 180 whereas 1 x th12 and 2 x th11 plus 4 x th10, 6 x th9 and 1 x th8 and 1 x TH7 would weigh in at 143. A ‘weight limit’ of about 145 would help encourage clans to include a wider spread of town halls in the daily war preparation time.

Maybe a weighting bonus, clans that punch ‘above their daily weight’ scoring more rewards. This would also encourage participation where more active clans could score well against tougher but less active opposition.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s a programmer’s nightmare but those are my thoughts anyway.

Thanks for reading.