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Thread: Derby prizes or lack of

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    Derby prizes or lack of

    Good morning. Our neighbourhood is in the Champions league and we are discussing the disappointment in the prizes for placing 2nd place. Do you only give a large reward for 1st place (which we have placed 1st previously) and regular items that can be bought in the newspaper for 2nd and 3rd?
    We enjoy Hayday, but are starting to be disgruntled with the Derby rewards.
    Id like to suggest you give diamonds as a reward and watch how excited people will be about your game again! perhaps 10 diamonds for 1st place (to recoup the ones spent for the extra task) 8 diamonds for 2nd place and 6 for 3rd!
    In doing this, you will generate a lot more interest in your game and Im sure you will still have people paying for diamonds in bundled specials
    Thank you for considering this idea

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    There are no better prizes for first. Today for placing first I got 3 each: screws, shovels, pick axes.

    personally I perceive top 3 as getting 3 extra horseshoes in a round about way. If we make top 3 great. If we don’t I’m still happy with however many horseshoes we get. It’s the challenge, comradery, & teamwork with my hoodies I enjoy. The prizes (whatever they may be) are simply a nice bonus for my efforts of being a good teammate.

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