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Thread: Crashing during attack

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    Unhappy Crashing during attack

    Recently I have the problem that I crash during attacks. A few times where I searched for 10 mins for someone with good loot I finally found someone. He had the most I've ever seen. 800K E and 800K G (TH8). I attacked him and almost got all the loot (other loot was in TH) I disconnected. This happened to me a few times and can you help me with this problem?

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    right behind you
    it is most likely on your end.
    do the common steps:
    - clear cache
    - clear ram
    - turn off background apps
    - restart device
    - make sure you run the latest os
    - make sure you have the latest clash update
    - make sure your internet is good enough
    - uninstall and download the game again

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