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Thread: What can Builder Hall learn from Brawl Stars?

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    What can Builder Hall learn from Brawl Stars?

    I must admit I do not enjoy Builder Hall in its current form. One of the reasons is that, if I lose a versus battle, I get nothing in return for wasting two or three minutes of my life.

    Clash Royale is not entirely like that. Yes, if I don't win the battle I get no new chest and no gold, for example, but I still get the number of crowns I gained towards my daily crown chest. In Builder Hall there is no such concept.

    Brawl Stars is actually even better. I need to win to earn star tokens, but I gain tokens every time I play, win or lose. This allows me to have fun with the game without stressing over victory. Obviously, progress is controlled in the sense that there is a fixed number of tokens I can earn over a period of time, just like the way resource rewards are limited over a period of time in Builder Hall, but the point is I don't need to win in order to get my tokens. Sure, if I lose I earn fewer tokens, but this only means I need to play more games to deplete my token allowance.

    Can Builder Hall implement such a system? We could have a resource allowance that renews every 20 hours and depends on the trophy count, just like it is today. Let us say this allowance is 500K gold and 500K elixir for a specific trophy count. Then every victory could award 200K, whereas every star in the case of defeat would award 50K, and total earnings would be capped by the allowance.

    Under this system, even if I failed to win one single time, I could still get my allowance by getting 10 stars. Right now, there is no telling how many times I need to play in order to get my allowance and this is very frustrating.
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    BB is a side game at best. I'm not sure personally that i would like it more or play more often if it were more ... complicated. I'm not sure they need an overhall of the system.

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