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Thread: Warden ability on siege

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    Warden ability on siege

    Just wondering if I use the tomb ability on the siege and it pops will the troops inside be protected or not? Thankyou

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    No, if troops come out of the SM just after you used the warden ability, they will not be protected.

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    Ah, thankyou, that helps a lot!

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    The seige will not pop in the first place even after hitting town hall if u used eternal tome

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    BUT the seige will still be protected within the warden circumference right

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    when seige became yellow its under invincibility but not healed only when it pop up troops get invincible and get heal by eternal tomb. Seen seige is not a troop.... its a machine.

    wait for other to confirm...

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    as far as i know... if you use gw ability on the sm, it will go much further if the townhall is in the middle, but then your troops will not have gw protection any more when they hit the town hall. its good if you attack a th11 and you dont need to heal your cc from the giga tesla last hit.
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