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Thread: Lvl 81 Adult Looking for 320 x 10 Very competitive neighborhood

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    Aug 2018
    Perfect timing! Please come check out.....�������� Coral Reef #YR92Y2PU ������

    We are a competitive young team, landing in the top three just about every week. We play hard and help each other out! Give us a week to see if you’d like to stay.
    🐬🐟Coral Reef🦀🐠 Tag #YR92Y2PU

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    Hi Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our team. So let me introduce my neighbourhood to you.

    We are English speaking and primarily based in the UK but do have people from many different countries.

    We are in champions league so we try to complete all 9 tasks as a minimum. The 10th task is entirely optional, some of the neighbourhood do it but some don't. All our Derby tasks are from 300+, higher if there is a themed Derby.

    We have various levels within the neighbourhood. Some lower level farms are growing as they play, but they are fully able to complete Derby tasks with the higher level players. The rest of the neighbourhood range from level 40 upwards.

    We like people to chat and communicate with us and will encourage people to use the neighbourhood message box at all times. This will also keep you up to date with all things going on in the hood. It is also useful if you have any problems with tasks as everyone is always willing to help at all times.

    We have FB messenger where we can chat about Hay Day issues and often chat about other things such as the places where we all come from and anything else that anyone is interested in.

    We would really like to meet you. If you are interested please look for our tag


    Come and try us out. We will make you very welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.

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    Hi, Im in the search of a few good people to join us at the Foxhole II . What I'm looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting. Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play, choose tasks worth 310 and up, please make sure to COMPLETE all tasks. I'll make you elder the second you join. There's not a lot of rules, just have fun and work hard at the derby (if your opted in). We may be a small neighborhood, but we still collect all horseshoes! Let's build a strong neighborhood together! Come check it out.
    The Foxhole II #9CVRGQVU ��

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    Hi Jelesey , we are THE HOOD FAMILY . A group of 7 ISO derby fanatics who are team players as well to strengthen our ranks . We lvl fro 64 - 138 in Champion League . If you complete 9?tasks @ 320 / 400 ( 19th optional ) you're just who we're looking for . 9VV9VYJ9 , white dog w/ yellow heart . My name is BOOTZILLA .
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    Hi 👋🏻 my names cora and I’m a member of a hood called “the racers edge”.
    We are a champions league hood who race to compete for gold. We are a helpful chatty hood who are also derby focused we take tasks at 315+ on a non special derby and 320/400 on special derbies. 10th task is completely optional if you wish to use it that’s fine if you can’t dont worry.

    We are a small family of only 12 players and we are looking for more friends to join our hood. The entry lvl is 30.

    If you wish to talk more about our hood or you would like me to add you my gamer tag is #9V8RRR8C9

    Our hood name is “the Racers Edge” our symbol is blue with a blue truck and the tag for it is #9PRPLV9J

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