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    Xbow or giga tesla, and maybe the IT

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    That elixir colector or gold mine that ruins your funnel. No chance of recovering after a failed funnel.

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    I'm terrified of the bomb tower.

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    Single Target inferno and Eagle. The giga Tesla is strong of course but it is also the only defense in the game that an attacker can use to his advantage. I've seen people activating the tesla in the very beginning of an attack with an earthquake spell before even dployibg the loons, to make sure it will attract the loons. And I've also seen multiplayer raids fail because the tesla was being upgraded and the loons or Giants were not pulled by it. This is something that shouldn't happen with what is supposed to be the best defense in the game.

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    The Sweeper is pure Kryptonite for Eddies. The TH Bomb can be a MOAB for an army if you funnel perfectly and fail to save your GW power but overall the most balanced defence for me is the Archer Towers that can shred a hero very quickly if they get held up on a storage or Ice Golem. .

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