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Thread: In the Crystal League III, How can we encourage our brothers not to lose confidence?

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    We (Forum mixed CWL clan) have 2 TH 12 bases, one of those pretty rushed. We facad a clan with 14 TH 12 bases yesterday, and guess what? We won 35:34. Simply because we just fight, and see what will happen.

    CWL is not about won wars, this cannot be stated enough. It is about won stars, and the medals gained for that. As long as you do not have 15 maxed out TH 12 there is no way you can compete for the top, so you do know that sooner or later you will and up in a pool where you just cannot advance.

    However, as long as you win at least 3 of the wars, you are roughly in the tier you belong. And as long as you are getting stars, it was worth the effort. The medals enable you to upgrade faster, so next CWL you are just a tad stronger.

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    We are in crystal 2. Pryobaly going to crystal 1 and facing similar situations, not THAT dramatic but close. Many in my clan look at the TH , just like you are posting, and say “oh ♥♥♥♥. We’re outgunned” however. Your pics don’t tell the WHOLE story. Generally those TH12’s you posted suck. And are generally rushed. Giving up denfense and good offense can win. We are facing rushed 11’s and 12’s and taking people to school. Don’t be discouraged, just beat down their rushed garbage with a good offense.

    A solid balanced clan offense and defense generally does well
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