If you're still looking, check us out...

"Mutant 8" | #VYLGYRLV | TH7-8

TH8 War Clan 💪🐲🤜

"Mutant 8" is looking for TH7 and TH8 players to join our TH8 War Clan. We war back-to-back, and participate in Clan War Leagues.

We have a max TH11 for troop donations, who has 4+ years of Clash experience, co-leading a level 15 war clan.


1. Participate in wars.
2. Communicate on Discord.
3. Be excellent to each other... and party on!

Join in Discord @ discord.gg/pkryDPH and then in game #VYLGYRLV.

If you are interested, we are also looking for mature & chill co-leaders to help grow and manage the clan.