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    Examples of Alliance in Champions League 1 between same countries

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    Thank you all for the replies 👍🏼
    It seems like it is a whole Organization created to bypass the fairness of the game, which is known by everyone.
    Hope that Supercell will adress this problem seriously to punish the clans involved and implement sustainable solutions for the next league sessions 🙏

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieDoom View Post
    With Top 10 rankings being decided first by overall stars, this will throw everything off. We will have to see what SC decides to do.
    This isn't quite right. The top 10 they will publish is determined by star difference. So any clan arranging themselves a 45-45 war isn't moving themselves up the ranking at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    It isnít similar. FWA almost always only impacts other clans in the FWA. When they happen to match someone outside of FWA, my understanding is they put their war bases up and they do a normal war. If they instead do keep their farm bases up, it makes for a boring war for the other clan, but at least they are benefitting from the easy loot and war win. In CWL the collusion hurts all of the other clans in the league.
    Yes i agree it's different in cwl as it affects rest of the clans in group too..I hope sc comes up with a solution to avoid just seems very difficult to prove the clans involved are indeed match fixing..I always stand for fair play in wars, somehow players keep finding loopholes and take advantage of the frustrating engineering that was going on (and still is for th11s pre th12 update.. Good to know this will change in time as more players will move on to th11, but will continue anyway to affect new players that download the game .. Still waiting for sc to fix pre th12 update engineering)..I only hope there's a way to fix this unsportsmanlike stuff (imo) happening in cwl too.

    The only solution I can think of is sc creating a special team to investigate these kind of things happening in wars , based on reports in forums or in game support , they might have to look at the wars between these clans closely , look at their war base layouts and if there's any reason to believe the match was fixed to penalize and enforce punishments , overhaul t&c to include this and so on..I don't know if that's even a viable solution.. Just trying the emphasize the difficulty in fixing this this being just a game for entertainment for players and a business for sc I don't even know if these things will be seriously looked upon by sc.. I can just hope someday coc wars will be fair to all

    There's a screenshot reply from sc support regarding the situation.. like I said one can just hope

    Well upon further reading I found this

    There might be hope afterall..
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    Hello supercell.

    One question: I have seen the new announcement in game. This is a great news.
    However can you please confirm that these clans will be punished?
    Lack of punishement for this kind of abuse will conduct lot of players to quit this game as clan war is the most exciting event.

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