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Thread: Keeping up interest during sc cwl

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    Keeping up interest during sc cwl

    The issue in our clan is that we have a big group of active players and only 15 can participate each day. During regular wars, we run 25 or 30 and they each get 2 attacks. Thatís 50-60 attacks in 24 hours. During cwl, that goes down to 15 in 24 hours and the others are sitting around. I like the new one hit system, as it creates a new way of looking at attacks and strategy. But itís just leaving so many of our members out of war. Weíve considered creating a new clan for others to war in, but feel that this will eventually lead to a break up of players that love clashing with each other. Itís a flawed system right now. It seems the answer is simple: just increase the 15 to 20 or 25. Why wouldnít they do that?

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    I brought it up in Ideas and Requests. Supercell is looking at larger sizes.

    Supercell Add 2nd roster size option for CWL with 25 vs 25 Clan League War option:
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    I am happy that the developers are looking into the new roster sizes. Thanks!
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    Well don't play it then. The game is all about having fun. If you don't find that aspect of it to be fun, then don't play it.
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    What evidence I have seen suggests that most people are finding it fun. But obviously, not everybody will.

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