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Thread: SC non respose

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    I forgot...
    Quote Originally Posted by Jwp721 View Post
    Your village can have a maximum of 45 obstacles at one time. Gem Box or holiday themed obstacles do not count toward this limit.”

    Is what is is written on the page you referenced and it is worded very poorly and it is causing the confusion.

    If I were writing it I would say:

    “Your village will continue to spam regular obstacles as long as you have not reached 45 or more obstacles of any kind on your base. Once you have surpassed 45 obstacles only holiday themed obstacles and the gem boxes will continue to spawn.”
    Your problem is not with SuperCell but is with Wiki......
    Poorly worded indeed, a simpler adjustment:
    “Your village can have a maximum of 45 obstacles at one time. Gem Box or holiday themed obstacles are not affected by this limit.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weinnercat View Post
    The page they sent me to explain it all, says, holiday obstacles does not count toward the 45
    We can kind of see why they stopped responding.

    You miss read what you are being sent to.

    What that means is if you have 45 obstacles, holiday obstacles will still spawn. They only come around during special times. A few times a year. If you have 100 obstacles including your special obstacles ONLY holiday obstacles will continue to spawn. The normal ones like trees, bushes and stumps will not continue to spawn.

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