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Thread: Semi-maxed 10 with 1k+ war stars and a maxed 11 with 700+ war stars in need of a clan

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    Nov 2017
    Level 12 War/Push Clan looking for active Adult clan members, Th9+. #2Y8CUGY9

    Hey there

    We are currently rebuilding this clan that was dead for a couple of years.

    Looking for very active adult players. People in here are super on donation, friendly, and its just a great atmosphere here!

    Birdchests V2 #2Y8CUGY9

    Join if you want to war, throphy push or just chill. Make sure to contribute with donations and be active!

    We are allways getting all the rewards in clan games.

    English speech
    High Th9s and Th10+
    20+ years old

    Hope to see you in there

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    Feb 2015

    Established since December 2016 level 13|Champs 3

    About us:

    • Adults only
    • Opt in wars more than out

    • TH10+

    • International clan most are based in USA and Europe

    • No donation ratios

    • Back to back war

    • Discord is required

    • Friendly challenges upon joining required

    Proud member of ROC family with 500+ members and over 17 clans.
    Come join us and be a part of ROC family. Our active and friendly staff will assist you in finding the best clan for you in the ROC Family.

    What you get:

    • 500+ adult clashers in the clan family
    • Family wide events- Leagues, 50v50, Civil wars, Potlucks, Arranged wars and more

    • A chance for league play

    • Mature clan mates

    • Casual atmosphere

    • Options-We have something for everyone

    • Organised leadership

    • Fairplay clan system

    • A place for all of your accounts throughout the family

    • To join visit our server or request in game. If rejected we are in war-join us on discord

    • Want to participate in big war/events/leagues but stay in your home clan regularly? Ask for the Family-Friend role in discord

    Adult War WS #889GP9LU
    America's Elite #28202CP9
    Arceus Glory #PYOLRPOO
    Borneo Park #8889Y8RY
    FireLords #PRLPLJQJ
    Fourth Dimension #9YJLRL98
    Reform Rebels #9JQJJP8C
    Reign of Clash #280QPLYJC
    Relic #PYRV8RVL
    Rising Warriors #80YGUJ2C
    Sac Kings Elite #V8QGRC
    Silent Assassins #99R8L0G0
    Silent Kicker #PLYQ2JQQ
    Silent Killer #LYYPQP9Y
    Silent Mayhem #PJUPQPVP
    Stick and Ball #280Y82JJ
    The Muni Vac #2C2Y29V8
    ThighLanderZ #PPV8UCGR

    Check Us Out HERE or Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Twitter

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    Reapers Grasp is an English-speaking, U.S. based clan that is rapidly ascending. Started May 2, 2018, we’re currently a level 8 clan. We’re currently looking for TH9’s & up for a re-tooling. Here’s what we can offer you.

    • Donations – We donate a lot and quickly
    • Clan Games – We always max Clan games in 2-3 days.
    • War – We war all the time (optional)
    • Organization – We layout war plans for every war. We also have staff with individual specialties (see below)
    • Training – We can help with whatever training you want. We have a full time staff that specializes in all aspects of the game.
    • Friendly – We’re family-friendly, and just plain friendly. We’re not just clan mates, we’re family.
    • Promotions – Promotions are earned through donations, activity, war activity and/or recruiting
    • Activity – We’re highly active and interactive
    • Fun – We joke around quite a bit and have a lot of fun.

    What we expect from you:

    • Respect – Be respectful of all members.
    • Minimal Cursing – We do have a couple teens in the clan.
    • Donations – Maintain around 1:3 (donated:received) ratio.
    • War – If in war, use both attacks to the best of your ability. Follow the war plan.

    That’s it. We don’t kick people for bad attacks in war. We’d rather help you learn to attack better. If you’re looking for a clan that you can grow with, have some fun and doesn’t take the game more seriously than life, we’re the one for you. You can check us out #V8V8UCGG. Come join our family. Hope we see you soon. Type the word “Forum” when requesting to join.

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