I created a new clan but i need members so we can join clan wars and level up the clan.
Here is an introduction about me:
I am Mid TH9 i have half walls level 8 and the rest are all level 7, most of the troops at level 5 or above, Dragon level 4, Healers level 4 and my spells are nearly maximised Rage is max tho. I am ready to donate all kind of troops as long as I can train them. If we can reach a goal of 50 donations per cycle it would be legit awesome I just need to get the clan to grow up. So if u want to help me out and u have a low townhall even lower than TH6 but want to get good troop for donation i can help u out with that.
Now Eldership:
For now donate 50 for an Elder
500 for Coleader
And thats it hope u guys join my clan.🙂❤