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Thread: Cwl or pushing for legend is more important in your clan

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    Cwl or pushing for legend is more important in your clan

    What is more important in your clan. The guys pushes for cups n play no interest in cwl or they are obsessed by cwl n donít push for cups

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    Those arent mutual exclusive, but I guess if they had to those they would go with instant CWL attacks than massive waiting in Legends.

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    My clan enjoys CWL more. We chose to be pretty relaxed for CWL so lower bases can play too. The hero hammers are just such a nice reward that clan members enjoy playing. Most don’t like legends because of the clouds. Those that push complain about it so I actually prefer people to stay in Titan as a result.

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    We’re a war clan. To us, pushing is a pointless endeavour.
    To push clans, they may see war as a pointless endeavour.
    It all depends on your reason for playing. Everyone is different.
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    I personally prefer war too. It helped the whole clan to talk more n organise

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    CWL for us-we are not a pushing clan though.

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    If you are in the cwl lineup, you etter attack.

    If you would rather push, say so and you are easily excluded from cwl.



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    We are a hardened push top 20 clan, we always war and do leagues too, war takes 6 mins of time and cwl just 3 mins a day....nothing to do both then cloud the rest of the time

    We donít really care about wars though, no planning (but win most) and they good for practice attackís if nothing else

    Even if we won the war it wouldnít hardly come up in conversation .... someone getting 30 cups would hit the chat straight away
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    No one in our clan is the least bit interested in sitting in the clouds for hours just to attack. We have two maxed 12s and they are not interested in that.

    We are far more interested in CWL but we are no where near the top there either. We are low. It looks like we will get promoted to Crystal 1 this time and probably get our butts kicked in CWL 5.

    Not obsessed with either but we've done a lot to get stronger for CWL. Maybe when the skies are actually blue, some will become interested.

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    Most of my cloud time is spent while Iím at work so it doesent bother me as Iím being paid to play 😂

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