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Thread: serious th11

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    We are a 24\7 war clan looking for good strong people, lvl 12 clan. Clan tag #2CY800GY. Wars 298/169

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    Once your heroes are a little bit stronger.

    RedditVortex #280V0VYL

    -Prospective participants in theAWL(American War League)and Winners of RWT S3 (Reddit War Tournament)

    -Looking for war league minded players only. We are a mixture of competitive league players from different competitive war leagues.

    About the Clan:
    · L18 475+ win War Clan
    · Adults only | War focused only
    · A part of the Reddit Clan system
    · TH11 - 12 clan

    · Requirements: TH11s 45/45/10 heroes | TH12s : 55/55/20 heroes

    · Location: International; primarily USA
    · No engineered bases please
    · Discord Required: P9nH9tK

    · War rules and clan rules located on discord.

    Farming Clan: CraTay Clan #P9U9YVG - TH9 - TH11

    About US:
    · A group of Adults with families and jobs who love to war and chat it up.
    · No drama with common sense rules.
    · The perfect relax environment with a hardcore attitude towards wars.
    · We have a very strong core of people who have been around for years
    · We are very organized and have all the tools for you to improve your game.

    · Password at /r/RedditClanSystem
    · Join our discord server and follow the directions.
    We offer you to be part of a great clan with experienced players that are always willing to help you improve your war skills. We are more than willing to help plan out your attacks and give you other advice. All you have to do is be willing to have an open mind. We are looking for
    experienced11v11 and 12v12 players only. Looking for league ready players only.

    Reddit Vortex Leader|L17 WAR CLAN |TH12|60/60/30 Heroes

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    Black Brain LvL-15 Adult War Clan

    Welcome to Black Brain #9RJVOCYJ. We are a back to back adult only semi-serious war clan. Which means we take war serious to win, we have a few rules but not over the top. We like to have a casual/competitive environment. Let me save you some time before reading more. Discord is requirement so if you do not use discord or wish to use it please do not apply.

    We are currently in the rebuilding process of the clan. So we are looking for veterans and new players alike. We want loyal members and people with leadership experience. Because we have leadership spots to fill. Players from all over the world are more than welcome to join because we are an international clan. We are all here to have fun and enjoy Clash of Clans.

    You are not expected to be perfect, but we do expect you to do your best and you must use both attacks. There’s no such thing as a bad attack if you learn from it and continue to practice. If you are willing to learn or teach than we want you.

    So come check out our server and get a feel for things. We can also add you as a family friend in the server to check things out. On our discord server you will see our little family.

    !!!!!NO CLAN HOPPERS!!!!! We will ✅
    ◼Having a war timer you will get you rejected.


    ✔️No Engineered or Rushed Accounts
    ✔️Th9 15/15+
    ✔️Th10 35/35+
    ✔️Th11 40/40/10+ (Must be balanced)
    ✔️Th12 50/50/20+ (Must be balanced)

    —————What do we look for—————

    ✅Adult only 18+
    ✅Respectful at all times
    ✅War/Clan games participants
    ✅Members willing to learn and coach
    ✅Must use both attacks in war

    —————What’s in it for you—————

    ✔️Mature clan-mates
    ✔️Constant activity
    ✔️Relaxed atmosphere with no drama
    ✔️An active and organized discord server
    ✔️Leadership opportunities

    ——Walkthrough of War in Black Blain——

    ✅No need to hold attacks
    ✅No mirror +1/-1 base calling
    ✅No leader assigned targets
    ✅Call base with time stamp in game
    ✅Choose a base you can 3 Star and crush it
    ✅Th9/Th10 will attack early
    ✅Th11/Th12 can attack throughout war


    ⚠️ Interested❓If yes ✅ Join our server at ⬇️
    [ ]
    USMC (OEF) Combat Veteran 🔥 I’m addicted to Clash of Clans 💯 TH12 Maximus Leader of BB

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    Reapers Grasp is an English-speaking, U.S. based clan that is rapidly ascending. Started May 2, 2018, we’re currently a level 8 clan. We’re currently looking for TH9’s & up for a re-tooling. Here’s what we can offer you.

    • Donations – We donate a lot and quickly
    • Clan Games – We always max Clan games in 2-3 days.
    • War – We war all the time (optional)
    • Organization – We layout war plans for every war. We also have staff with individual specialties (see below)
    • Training – We can help with whatever training you want. We have a full time staff that specializes in all aspects of the game.
    • Friendly – We’re family-friendly, and just plain friendly. We’re not just clan mates, we’re family.
    • Promotions – Promotions are earned through donations, activity, war activity and/or recruiting
    • Activity – We’re highly active and interactive
    • Fun – We joke around quite a bit and have a lot of fun.

    What we expect from you:

    • Respect – Be respectful of all members.
    • Minimal Cursing – We do have a couple teens in the clan.
    • Donations – Maintain around 1:3 (donated:received) ratio.
    • War – If in war, use both attacks to the best of your ability. Follow the war plan.

    That’s it. We don’t kick people for bad attacks in war. We’d rather help you learn to attack better. If you’re looking for a clan that you can grow with, have some fun and doesn’t take the game more seriously than life, we’re the one for you. You can check us out #V8V8UCGG. Come join our family. Hope we see you soon. Type the word “Forum” when requesting to join.

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