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Thread: Nearly maxed TH9 looking for a good group

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    Nearly maxed TH9 looking for a good group

    I'm a maxed TH9 in everything but my king (currently level 16). I have 552 war stars and am level 123. I'd like a good clan to war with, and who's active in donations. I can reliably three star other th9 bases during war attacks. Please let me know if your group matches what I'm looking for!

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    Aug 2018
    Join da elite, we are a lvl 7 and very active, we are calm and do a lot of wars, we donate plenty of troops and will assit you if you need any

    if interested our clan tag is: JCYLLRJJ
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    Ghost Guards ...Texas
    Hi nephite! Mirandam here, leader of ghost guards #9URJUVCG. I think we're it We are a fun, active lvl 12 clan that always maxes games! Stop in and check us out if we seem like a good fit! Be sure to mention that you're from the forums if you stop by. Good luck in your search!

    Back to back optional wars⚔Update war opt in/out status prior to the end of current war⚔Follow the war plan sent in clan mail⚔Participate in clan games⚔We max out every tier every games, typically in the first 48 hours⚔We play for fun but take war seriously⚔Must use 2 attacks if opted into war! win, lose or draw⚔Post up some challenges & have a good time⚔Everyone contributes⚔Keep it friendly & respectful!⭐⭐⭐Happy Clashing⭐⭐⭐

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    Mirandam, your group is set to "invite only" so I can't join. Please let me know if that changes

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    Ghost Guards ...Texas
    You can still request to join, if you post your player id here I'll send ya an invite or send me an in game friend request.
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    Mountainbears 2VV9Q88V

    The Mountain awaits


    Adult clan
    Established Oct 2013
    War Continuously just need to opt in
    Finish clan games easily
    Competitive CWL
    Wonderful group of people

    Apply today
    -Summer, Guardian in Mountainbears
    Proud Member of The Bear Family. #2VV9Q88V

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    Death b4 Defeat Level 14 #G22V9QC8. We're Fairplay clan/CWL. No Kids. No Drama. No pressure to 3*. Fun and Relaxing environment but yet very competitive during war. War back to back with the option to opt out. No app to download but we do have discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Nhi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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    Hey, would you like to join us? My clan is team aow(#2RUVRPCO). I believe that we match your description of being an active clan that engages in wars. We are continuously getting better as a clan and growing as players. My clan is run with my friends, so it is a closely-knit and friendly community. We are a lower level clan due to taking a break from the game and coming back.

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    We're a family of 3 clans, maybe one of them would be a good fit. Our main clan is a level 15 war clan, established in March 2015, and still going strong.

    Contact us on Discord (

    Hope to see you soon.

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    Black Brain LvL-15 Adult War Clan

    Welcome to Black Brain #9RJVOCYJ. We are a back to back adult only semi-serious war clan. Which means we take war serious to win, we have a few rules but not over the top. We like to have a casual/competitive environment. Let me save you some time before reading more. Discord is requirement so if you do not use discord or wish to use it please do not apply.

    We are currently in the rebuilding process of the clan. So we are looking for veterans and new players alike. We want loyal members and people with leadership experience. Because we have leadership spots to fill. Players from all over the world are more than welcome to join because we are an international clan. We are all here to have fun and enjoy Clash of Clans.

    You are not expected to be perfect, but we do expect you to do your best and you must use both attacks. There’s no such thing as a bad attack if you learn from it and continue to practice. If you are willing to learn or teach than we want you.

    So come check out our server and get a feel for things. We can also add you as a family friend in the server to check things out. On our discord server you will see our little family.

    Main - Orclansmic #28VJCCUG Farm/Social War Clan

    Sister - Black Brain #9RJVOCYJ War Clan

    Feeder - Orclansmic-War #8209YCVL Dev Clan

    !!!!!NO CLAN HOPPERS!!!!! We will ✅
    ◼Having a war timer you will get you rejected.


    ✔️No Engineered or Rushed Accounts
    ✔️Th9 15/15+
    ✔️Th10 35/35+
    ✔️Th11 40/40/10+ (Must be balanced)
    ✔️Th12 50/50/20+ (Must be balanced)

    —————What do we look for—————

    ✅Adult only 18+
    ✅Respectful at all times
    ✅War/Clan games participants
    ✅Members willing to learn and coach
    ✅Must use both attacks in war

    —————What’s in it for you—————

    ✔️Mature clan-mates
    ✔️Constant activity
    ✔️Relaxed atmosphere with no drama
    ✔️An active and organized discord server
    ✔️Leadership opportunities

    ——Walkthrough of War in Black Blain——

    ✅No need to hold attacks
    ✅No mirror +1/-1 base calling
    ✅No leader assigned targets
    ✅Call base with time stamp in game
    ✅Choose a base you can 3 Star and crush it
    ✅Th9/Th10 will attack early
    ✅Th11/Th12 can attack throughout war


    ⚠️ Interested❓If yes ✅ Join our server at ⬇️
    [ ]
    USMC (OEF) Combat Veteran 🔥 Iím addicted to Clash of Clans 💯 TH12 Maximus Leader of BB

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