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Thread: Th11 looking for a real warclan

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    Th11 looking for a real warclan

    Hi guys,

    Please read carefully.

    Im th11, 5300+ trophies, maxing my base atm. 1400+ war stars. I have a donation account, th12 at 5000 trophies. I can donate everything maxed if clan level is 10+

    Looking for a clan, first choice is Dutch language, second is English. The clan has to be really active , and I mean REALLY active. I need a clan with serious war players, always trying to do their best, good donations and a clan who is learning and helping eachother.

    Im allergic to selfish players, wrong donations and green shield but no attack in war.

    But most of al, it has to be an adult clan, and having fun is important too. 👌

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    Hey Mindshade we are very active just CWL we had people all spread out in different clans for their CWL too. You are welcome to bring your th12 too.

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    Hi, I'm member from the clan 2Swift 2Sure. We are a serious war clan and play in MLCW and will be playing in CWL next season (these are war leagues for the top war clans). We are part of an alliance of clans and have 3 event clans which we use for SCWL (this is the Clan War League from Supercell) where we have th10s in 1 clan, th11s in the second and th12s in the third clan. We are really active, especially when we have a league war (CWL/MLCW). And Also 2 Dutch players in the clan (I'm one of them). If you are interested please join our recruitment server:
    This is a recruitment server for the whole alliance so please say you want to join 2Swift 2Sure if you join
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    english speaking war clan looking for loyal skilled reliable people

    We use discord for communication, a community social network, for information sharing, player support, youtube videos, war calling/planning and more.



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    Check Us Out HERE or Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Twitter

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    MILE is a small alliance of 6 clans with main focus on competitive war and league play.

    For clan members who want to participate in league wars, we pool our resources across the alliance and war in FWL, CWL, NDL, The Gauntlet and EWL.

    Arranged wars and Potluck are a regular occurrence allowing us to test our skills against the best.

    Like what you've heard so far, read on and then join our discord today! *

    #What do we look for?

    ⚡Th6 - Th12⚡

    ⚡Adult only⚡

    ⚡War participants⚡

    ⚡Great people willing to learn and coach⚡

    ⚡Clan activity⚡

    #What's in it for you?

    ��War wins��

    ��Adult Clanmates��

    ��War league play��

    ��Constant activity��

    ��No required donation ratio��

    ��An active and organized discord server��

    ��Wars of 30+��

    ��Fair play clan��

    ��Participate in as many events as you want��

    ��Relaxed atmosphere with no drama��


    Join our server at:♥

    Follow us on Instagram:

    #MILE Clash Alliance

    ⚔Isotis #92G0GC8Q⚔

    ⚔Little Sneakers #YQ2RY0VP⚔

    ⚔Element 29 #PPGJQVR0⚔

    ⚔Gears Buddies #8UV29YUL⚔

    ⚔Tide w/Bleach #8CGJJUQ0⚔

    ⚔F3AR USA #2JGOU82V⚔

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    Hey, would you like to join us? We are recruiting active and loyal players. We are on the lower side of clan levels, but we are still growing. The clan is team aow(#2RUVRPCO). We speak English. Feel free to check us out, we are really motivated to get better. We also have a friendly atmosphere.
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    We're a family of 3 clans, maybe one of them would be a good fit. Our main clan is a level 15 war clan, established in March 2015, and still going strong.

    Contact us on Discord (

    Hope to see you soon.

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    Black Brain LvL-15 Adult War Clan

    Welcome to Black Brain #9RJVOCYJ. We are a back to back adult only semi-serious war clan. Which means we take war serious to win, we have a few rules but not over the top. We like to have a casual/competitive environment. Let me save you some time before reading more. Discord is requirement so if you do not use discord or wish to use it please do not apply.

    We are currently in the rebuilding process of the clan. So we are looking for veterans and new players alike. We want loyal members and people with leadership experience. Because we have leadership spots to fill. Players from all over the world are more than welcome to join because we are an international clan. We are all here to have fun and enjoy Clash of Clans.

    You are not expected to be perfect, but we do expect you to do your best and you must use both attacks. There’s no such thing as a bad attack if you learn from it and continue to practice. If you are willing to learn or teach than we want you.

    So come check out our server and get a feel for things. We can also add you as a family friend in the server to check things out. On our discord server you will see our little family.

    Main - Orclansmic #28VJCCUG Farm/Social War Clan

    Sister - Black Brain #9RJVOCYJ War Clan

    Feeder - Orclansmic-War #8209YCVL Dev Clan

    !!!!!NO CLAN HOPPERS!!!!! We will ✅
    ◼Having a war timer you will get you rejected.


    ✔️No Engineered or Rushed Accounts
    ✔️Th9 15/15+
    ✔️Th10 35/35+
    ✔️Th11 40/40/10+ (Must be balanced)
    ✔️Th12 50/50/20+ (Must be balanced)

    —————What do we look for—————

    ✅Adult only 18+
    ✅Respectful at all times
    ✅War/Clan games participants
    ✅Members willing to learn and coach
    ✅Must use both attacks in war

    —————What’s in it for you—————

    ✔️Mature clan-mates
    ✔️Constant activity
    ✔️Relaxed atmosphere with no drama
    ✔️An active and organized discord server
    ✔️Leadership opportunities

    ——Walkthrough of War in Black Blain——

    ✅No need to hold attacks
    ✅No mirror +1/-1 base calling
    ✅No leader assigned targets
    ✅Call base with time stamp in game
    ✅Choose a base you can 3 Star and crush it
    ✅Th9/Th10 will attack early
    ✅Th11/Th12 can attack throughout war


    ⚠️ Interested❓If yes ✅ Join our server at ⬇️
    [ ]
    USMC (OEF) Combat Veteran 🔥 Iím addicted to Clash of Clans 💯 TH12 Maximus Leader of BB

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    Hi friend—

    If you’re interested in warring, check out Last to Resorts (#8J20LRJQ). We’re a level 18 adult war clan based in the U.S., with a number of international players. Our wars consist of mainly TH11s and TH12s, with our TH11s going to our secondary clan during CWL week for CWL there.

    We’re looking for like-minded clashers with a strong sense of team play. If that describes you and your heroes and troops are appropriate for your TH, stop by for a visit and get to know us.

    We have new members do FCs before they’re put in war, so it’d be great if you had heroes up and a war army ready.

    Please mention this forum post in your request to join in. Thanks, and clash on!

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    War Clan Seeking Members, Apply Within!

    Hi! I'm the leader of Bregan D'aerth (Clan Tag #YC2CUPUV) and our feeder, BrotherhoodPL (#Y228CRC0).

    About Bregan D'aerth:

    16th level war clan
    CWL League: Master League I
    316 war wins
    37 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 10,070th in the world and 519th in the United States

    About our Feeder, BrotherhoodPL (i.e. our AAA baseball team):

    15th level war clan
    CWL League: Crystal League I
    394 war wins
    44 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 56,865th in the world, 3,770th in the U.S.

    Which clan should you join?

    Requirements to join Bregan:
    If you're TH12 - must have 100 combined hero levels
    If you're TH11 - must have 80 combined hero levels
    If you're TH10 - must have 60 combined hero levels
    If you're TH9 - must have 50 combined hero levels

    If you do not qualify for Bregan, join BrotherhoodPL.
    Brotherhood's requirements are TH9 or higher who does not meet above requirements and has a minimum of 20 total combined hero levels.

    **If Bregan is full, please go to our feeder/farming clan until a spot opens up. We regularly do 50vs50 wars, so you have to join the feeder when that's going on. Obviously I will not have room for you in Bregan D'aerth while that's going on. Or likewise, if we're doing a 50 vs 50 in the feeder, you will have to join Bregan until that war is over, even if you would not normally qualify.
    **If you're not a hardcore war player and more of a farmer, please go to the feeder.
    **If you WANT to be a hardcore war player but aren't ready yet, please go to the feeder for practice.
    **If you are a hardcore war player but do not meet the above requirements for the main clan, please go to BrotherhoodPL until you do.
    **Once a spot opens up we'll promote the best guy in the feeder back to the main clan.

    We are a group of international clashers hailing from the US, UK, India, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Slovakia, Japan & Nepal i.e. all over the world. Because our clans are so diverse you can expect donations 24/7 with people being up at different times of the day. We always complete the highest tier in clan games, often doubling the required score for the top tier in both clans.

    Everyone in the clan is very respectful. No one will berate you for a war attack not turning out the way you planned. This has happened to everybody. The important thing is that you try to learn from your mistakes and improve as a player.


    1) We war non-stop. You can opt out anytime, but if you're in you must participate.
    2) Donate the troops that someone requests.
    3) Be respectful towards your fellow clan members.
    4) Opt out of war when your heroes are down or your spell factory is upgrading.
    5) Never attack in war without a full clan castle and spells.
    6) Always read clan mail
    7) You must participate in wars at least some of the time! We are war clans.
    8) This rule is a fun one. Anytime you request troops you MUST post a friendly challenge. This provides everyone with more opportunities for practice.
    9) Please do not do loot attacks in war. If there are based that have not been 3 starred, we expect you to try your best and hit them, even if your chances of success are low.
    10) You cannot participate in clan wars until you lose the "new" tag by your name.
    11) Lastly, do not beg for troops or promotions! We fill requests quickly and promotions are earned. I'm not making anyone co-leader because they donated a lot of troops last week. If you expect that then this probably is not the right clan for you.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'm an open book! Message me here or on kik @ DixieNormas8

    When you request to join please say, "Ultrin sent me" in your reply so we know you aren't a war spy.

    Feel free to join our Facebook Group, Bregan D'aerth of CoC!!

    Join our Discord Channel Bregan Brotherhood
    NOTE: Discord is NOT a requirement. I do not force members to use it, if you do not want to download any other apps to supplement standard game play, that's perfectly fine by me.

    Join our Clash Royale clan, Psycho Hardware! #8JP229

    Hope to see you soon!!

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