I feel this is an old bug that is intermittent and probably difficult to fix but I might as well report it. We have a player who has been inactive for a while but got opted into this week's Derby. With 18 undone tasks it is impossible for us to reach the last horseshoe even if we all took an extra task.

This has has happened before with different people and we have always been able to reach the person to get them to rush through the tasks in the last few days. Alas not now and with the new horseshoe thresholds we cannot get the last set of prizes.

I contacted support but they said she must have opted herself in, here's how the Derby works, we'll pass your message on. Case closed.

I've opened a new message to support with a link to a previous reporting of the bug here and asked for some acknowledgement that it is a bug. If we even knew what circumstances were likely to cause it to happen it would be a help.

In the meantime I need to boot out anyone I even suspect of being inactive in case the bug messes with us again.