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Thread: CALL FROM ABOVE - LVL10 | (#JUQU2VJ2) Adult War/Farming Clan - TH10 - TH12 Needed

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    CALL FROM ABOVE - LVL10 | (#JUQU2VJ2) Adult War/Farming Clan - TH10 - TH12 Needed


    CALL FROM ABOVE (Given a job by a higher power) (CLAN LEVEL 10)
    CLAN REQ: TH10+ (Hero levels should be minimum of Lv30, preferably not rushed but we can make exceptions on the base)
    CLAN RECRUITMENT DISCORD: (Note: Messages us saying your interested in joining, we do not have a
    clan discord chat but a WhatsApp Group, we message privately on Discord)


    We are a long lasting clan originally based in South Africa but we accept any members from anywhere with the only exception that any member must be fluent in English, which brings the point that most members will only be on certain times of day with a few members on through out the day. The time zone in South Africa is GMT 2+. We are an Adult clan so if your interested in joining please expect there to be the occasionally fowl language, but we tend to not go over board. We will accept farmers or War members with the only exception that they have to join CWL (Clan War League). This bring me to the main reason of posting in this thread. We desperately need higher Town halls in our CWL as we are now in a position where our TH9's are being paired with TH10's and TH11's. We do donate max troops across the board (obviously give us some leeway on newly released troops), we have members who do go the extra mile donating alone, but if you would like to join them in the donating fest by all means you are welcome. Promotions are earned through Clan Games, by reaching the max points you will earn Elder, do not ask for Co-Leader.


    We are a very chill clan but we do tend to war 24/7 (unless special occasion) and take our classic wars very seriously, we do tend to only do 10v10 to 15v15 wars so we can have a controlled environment but can change this if members are interested to join. We currently have a pretty great war log and war win ratio but this could be due to both the fact that we prefer 10v10 to 15v15 wars and certain skilled members. While we welcome loot attacks in war if given permission we do appreciate the effort put in to try and better yourselves. Since writing this post we have Won 184 Wars, Lost 40 Wars and 3 Draws.


    As far as Clan games are concerned, we always max out all tiers, some members even posses extra accounts in case for some reason we are just short of reaching the highest tier. Some times it may look like thing are moving quite slow but without fail we always complete it as most of our members wouldn't dare being without any advantage that the Clan Games bring. We also do MVP (Most Valuable Player), first player to reach max points in Clan Games gets their name in Clan description holding the Title of MVP until the next Clan games.


    In CWL we do try our best, putting in our highest fully active town halls where possible, we have won the 3 First CWL matches but it is now proving to be more of a challenge seeing as we are being heavily out paired in war (base wise) so the higher town hall interested the better seeing as CWL isn't really fair match making. Since writing this post we are currently in CRYSTAL LEAGUE ll


    • USE ALL BOTH ATTACKS IN WAR (Unless not required)
    • MUST HIT MINIMUM POINTS IN CLAN GAMES (Minimum value is posted in clan mail, doesn't apply if member has not earned any points what so ever)
    • KEEP FOUL LANGUAGE TO A MINIMUM ( While heavy language is fine, don't over do it)
    • BOTH HEROES MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR WAR(Assuming your in the war)
    • WE DO NOT DO DONATION RATIO (Request as much as you like)


    We couldn't give a sh**...


    If you want to join us please either:
    • Join the Recruitment Discord ( and say that your interested (Leave the channel afterwards) you will then be messaged privately

    • Join clan directly with the phrase " HI, I'm from Reddit", assuming you meet our standards (TH10+, with appropriate hero levels) you be able to enter.

    For extra information check out Clan out on CLASH of STATS:,warWins

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    4th Season of CWL is proving to be quite difficult, our pairing this time around is in all fact... disgusting, but hopefully we atleast pull through..

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    Things are looking semi decent this CWL, we will be pulling through unless my continent looses ita internet acsess... ��

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    Worked out in the end, whole clan tried their best dispite thw competition we faced...����

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    We put in an amazing team effort even though we were extremely mismatched. Proud of the boys 👍

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    Still in need of new members, currently sitting at 33 members, still tons of space, alwaya welcome in CFA.

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    Finally personally maxed Builder base or rather builder trash, just gonna fill storages and focus on base game and war.

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    A player got MVP same day as the start of clan games, clan games are just about done aswell.

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    For those of you that are not entirely familiar with Clash of Stats, the banner above my thread is always up to date, ahowing the progress of my clan live. Clan games already finished, just waiting on rewards now ��

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    Just brought up our current war win streak now to 14, happy with the guys, doing pretty well...

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