Who are we??

Hello, we are a small, yet active lv 3 clan based in the US. Our total trophies are 19.5k and we are in Gold League lll. We war once a week unless of course clan wars come around. We currently have 33 members (1/12/19) in counting. It is invite only. Our highest leveled player is lv 150 and our highest trophy is 2,948. Clan games are a breeze and we often obtain the highest tier prize. We are mainly all teenagers and adults of varying ages from 15 and up. We like to donate as much as we can and we enjoy joking around, often in hour-long sessions.

1. Donate what is asked.
2. Help out in clan games
3. Always use your attacks on wars
4. Listen to co-leaders and leader
5. Ask for help whenever you need it
6. Always attack the same th you have in wars unless directed not to.

Requirements To Join
1. Minimum of 1500 trophies.
2. Must be at least lv 70
3. Must be able to understand and speak English.

Who am I?
My name is Daniel.
IG: ThePoet, lv 121. Played for about 1 1/2 years. #8QLJCCCQU.