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Thread: Inactive player opt in messes up Derby

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    I guess it’s a risk a NH takes when they keep members that are less active or not keen on doing the derby.

    Should the issue be fixed? Well, of course it should.

    We have a member that has been mostly inactive since the middle of last year due to RL issues. He offered to leave the NH because he knew this was something that could happen.

    My co-leader and I consider this player like family and we insisted that he leave his farm. We wanted to be sure he had a place to come back to when and if he can play again. I’m glad that every so often it’s good to see him wheating a bit and have a chance to chat. For me, the friendship we share means so much more than a pixelated trophy.

    If ours was a derby-centric NH, and that was the only reason we played I may feel differently. But it isn’t. We win a lot, and place even more. We always reach our thresholds. The best thing tho, is that each of us works their farm as we see fit.
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    Yes Momscar, this lady was a great player and so I didn't just want to boot her out. I've a nice N/H and people come and go because of real life all the time. This week was a bad week for the bug to happen as the 18 tasks was a big deficit to make up. In a normal week it would have been less of a big deal. We play mainly for the horseshoes and if we win it's a bonus.

    I will be doing a clear out on Monday but I'll send invites to the people I evict so they have a way back if they become active again.

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    A few weeks ago, I had a neighbor ask how to opt out. I posted the route through advanced settings in the NH chat. Then, just for ducks I went and tried to opt her out myself as leader. It worked! I think from now on, Iíll check to see who is opted in each week a day before the Derby starts and opt out anyone I know is inactive with a message on the NH notice board confirming my action.
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