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Thread: Discord chat integration-how I think it would work

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    Lightbulb Discord chat integration-how I think it would work

    I had this idea that may or may not be possible, but either way, I don't know if it would be allowed due to how I think it would work. As we know, people use discord for clan chat anyway, but we don't have a straight coc clan chat to discord text channel. I've seen people use discord bots for minecraft servers, those bots would have the ability to go online 24/7 and just basically copy the minecraft's server's chat into a discord text channel, and whatever is said in the discord text channel would appear in the minecraft chat. My idea for clash of clans is that you would most likely have to create an account and have it join the clan, and just have it copy whatever is said in clan chat, and vice versa for what is said in a designated text channel. Because this is a bot, it should be noted it should not be allowed to do anything, not upgrade its base, not attack, shouldn't even talk in global, just for clan chat purposes. Because of coc's personal break, I believe the bot should only work when a person does a command, and then it comes online only when a person wants to talk to members. if for some reason they cannot go online (its most likely a rare problem, but it happens to me) it would be helpful, especially since there are people who either don't like discord or just don't want to download it/aren't allowed to, you can make sure you get your message across to those people through it. my main issue with this method is that, its a bot. it could encourage botting, but as long as the bot does nothing with the base itself I think it would be fine.

    Note: this is in the suggestion corner because I also would like a method from the game itself that allows you to connect your clan to a discord bot to make a much smoother clan chat in discord. possibly like a code that allows a discord bot just to see all actions in the coc clan chat that only the leader can see, meaning no coleader would have the ability to get that code. if supercell added that, you could possibly just straight manage your clan from discord itself, no clash of clans botting, and it could be 24/7 (if the discord bot is hosted correctly), so I would think would be really cool and a much better method than what is suggested above. I apologise if this has been suggested already.
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    I have no concept of the magnitude of this project, but it would certainly be cool to see integrated.

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