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Thread: New th9 player needing tips of what to upgrade

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    New th9 player needing tips of what to upgrade

    Hi guys!
    i just upgraded to th9 and I need tips of what to upgrade first. I already have my cc and lab upgrading and Im saving up for archer queen. Is there anything else I should focus on first. Any tips help

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    Keep a builder devoted for heroes, 1 for walls and the other 3 for base dev. Focus hard on farming de as th9 sucks it up. Loonion works great (loons were my first upgrade) Dont make the mistake of focusing too much on defenses and forget about your heroes. Welcome to the de grind.

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    Focus on army camps, spell factory, dark barracks,dark spell factory. Barracks and skeleton spell unlock can be done later.

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    Basically every attack you do in farming should be focused on getting DE as that's the thing that will limit you the most.

    Gold and Elixir will overflow before you're done with all of your DE needs. Always keep your heroes upgrading and focus on researching your farming troops first.

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