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Thread: List of each neighbors derby task

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    List of each neighbors derby task

    I would like an option to see what tasks my neighbors have already taken. It's not fair for some to get multiple easy tasks while others are stuck with what is left. It is unnerving listening to complaints when I cannot prove either side being right or wrong.

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    Does your neighborhood have rules on how many easy tasks people are allowed to do? I think for most neighborhoods it doesn't matter what tasks you do, as long as you do them. If you trash tasks you all dont want to do, new easy ones will appear eventually.

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    Everyone has different perceptions of what are easy tasks and what are hard tasks.

    some hoods have rules for certain tasks, like leave the help and mining for lower level hoodies.

    i find most harvest tasks easy and could do all town easily

    other hoodies prefer production tasks and anyone stacked will as well
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    Issue here is not task availability or perception, but intrahood management and relations. i can see how an itemized task-log for every member can help resolve misunderstandings. Actually it's already there - each one can see his own task history during the derby. Just a matter of taking a screenshot and sharing.

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