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Thread: Land Permits

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    So it will take a long time to take up all the new land ... might that just be intentional to put off another request for more land in just a very few months time.

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    Maybe they will change the name to DERBY DAY

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    You may want to go read thru the following thread:

    It should answer some questions you have about the land permits/
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    As I expressed way back when they rolled out the update with more land expansion - stop already. Why ask for more land? Is your farm cramped?
    It's like running a marathon, crossing the finish line, and asking if you can run 5 more miles.
    Clogs up my barn and I'm not in control of it - the entire process is left up to how often SC wants to give me permits. No thanks.
    I did enjoy the blossom derby. I wish one reward would have been ONE expansion permit.

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    No land permits since they added the new land, not one, I play every day, Iím holding the other materials in my barn hoping to get land permits, but it appears I will need to sell them to clear out my barn for space, someone please address this issue with the land permits, like the other players posted I would like to have some of the items in the land

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    If they would actually give permits in derby rewards

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    I've just had a Special Offer pop up on my game when I logged in this morning:-

    2x Pink Trumpet Trees
    2x Expansion Permits
    3x Hire Tom For Free
    Cost AUD22.99.
    Offer is available for 24hours.

    Anyone else seen anything similar?

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    Our NH has farmed like crazy! We have 5 horseshoes, never not one time have I seen land permits on the wheel! I have played this game almost form the start of hay day, can we please address the land permit issue in realistic terms? I love you this game and I love my NH ( we have just recently come together as an incredible team) our derby is at professional level, most Farmers are eager to help as soon as they see a request for help, as Farmers we have and are doing our part, what you Hay Day? Do you want all your Farmers to stay in constant frustration b/c you refuse to resolve the issues with land permits? I look forward to hearing an answer soon Thanks for a great game and hopefully some quick action for this issue to be resolved

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