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    Quote Originally Posted by Traimus View Post
    I suspect the reason so many people complain about the match making in CWL is because SC have already destroyed the "league concept". For it to work properly as league you need clans to be want to be promoted. In it's current form that's not really working.
    The reward system doesn't reward getting promoted. You can easily get more badges by avoiding promotion and taking 6 easy wins with lots of 3 star attacks each CWL. This is ruining it for anyone who does want to play it as a league.

    You might want to get promoted for prestige but this falls a bit flat as well. This CWL we'll have 100s even 1000s of 'winners' from the top league and the only way you'll know who they are is a rather flawed ranking based on how well they did in their group. It's a bit like stopping the world cup after the group stages and expecting people to be excited by it!

    So while you are right that the suggestion is against the concept of a league you shouldn't be criticising the OP for making suggestions to change it. He's not going to break the league concept if it already isn't working. Either Supercell need to fix their concept or make other changes to at least make it fun for those taking part

    Agreed with you!!!! Hope SC feels the human factor that when my clan mates fights until the end , make their defense to the strongest and bring out their skill to the fullest to win CWL Wars and after successfully became number 1 of that current league , Joy will be replace by nightmare because we are about to face so much high level th opponent. So much advantage of our opponent that could not even gives us a respectable number of stars when we attack their bases.
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