I just want to suggest a solution to the matchmaking of Clan War League , I suggest that supercell should have two in one system of matchmaking for clan war league . One for players or clans who wants to be at top and the other system is for those clans who just wanna have some fun and enjoy the clan war league event . Lets says , for clans that are already at champion league , starting from champion 3 to 1 , make the matchmaking based on the current system while master league 1 down to the lowest league follows matchmaking based on weight like the normal war. Let clans who wanted to be on top continue to compete until they reach the top , while giving others a chance to enjoy their clan war league based on their clan strength. Right now having 4 season of CWL , I believe most players already realizes who can only be at top league. These are clans that are having a 15 skilled max th12 account. So I believe most of the clan doesnít have this kind of composition. Thatís why many are disappointed at this time. Others want to be on top , and others donít , others just wanted to be at a level that is fair enough for them to enjoy.

Competitiveness of a Clan doesnít measure by TH Level , but to be at the Top of the League , in Clan War League means to have at least 15 skilled or max TH12 players. These are facts about CWL , based on what we heard and experience . Not all will enjoy CWL if the current system still persist. Last season we enjoy being no 1 at crystal 2 in our CWL match turn out to experience so much disadvantage defeat in a crystal 1 today. We also suggest to have an option of choice not to be promoted in the next league . To drop league meaning no need to attack or make sure you are at no 7 to 8 spot to drop down . This is not too easy to intake , a waste of time and this could disintegrate a clan or disappoint clan members. Other people will advise to drop into lower league , disintegrate your clan and create a new clan , is this the correct solution to this problem of CWL ? Or we just need to meet at common point with Supercell. CWL is only once in a month why not change the system for better. Players wanted competitiveness at their level . According to Supercell their goal with the Clan War Leagues is to provide a competitive arena for Clans to battle and prove which Clan is the best in the world, and is the first time Clans will be able to look at their achievements with pride. But why need to filter the best until the lowest league to move up? If supercell want to filter and find the best clan I believe , Champion League is enough for them to do it. Our clan just wanted to be competitive without thinking or dreaming to be the best in the world . We know that normal clan war is different from Clan war League , but even if we donít want to join clan war league we definitely needs the medal league rewards for our progress. We donít have abundant high level accounts but were sure that we are competitive enough . Max level accounts doesnít need so much of those rewards , we who are not yet max needed it the most. CWL is a great addition to the game pls donít make it a nightmare to most of us. Because it could turn out to be worst than the problem regarding with engineering bases.
Supercell we appeal to you to be fair to us .