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Thread: Takedown210 - Level 7 Clan - Looking for active members to fill our roster!

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    Takedown210 - Level 15 Clan - Looking for active members to fill our roster!

    Clan Tag: #P0J22UQR

    Now Recruiting!

    What can we offer you?

    • Competitive, engaged clan members
    • Active players
    • Experienced players that are willing to share their knowledge
    • A drama free and fun clashing experience

    What differentiates us from all the other clans out there?

    We focus on making your CoC experience as enjoyable as possible. We look for active players who are looking for a permanent home. We want to find clashers that either want to become a leader or just starting as a casual player to learn good strategies.

    Clan Description:
    Mature, loyal players with a growth mindset. We have players that love to war and love to teach others how to improve. We’re very serious about wars but have a more relaxed environment than some high-profile war clans. We have responsibilities outside of clash, so we war once or twice weekly to maintain professional/personal/clash life balance. War time will be active with strategies being discussed, base design, calling attacks, etc. We like to have fun clashing and working to develop new strategies for war while playing. There aren't any age requirements, but we do expect our members to treat each other with respect. Members are primarily US based and that is when our wars are scheduled.

    Clan Level:
    We’re a Level 15 clan.

    In war, it must be specifically what is requested. Outside of war we typically donate whatever our members have on hand. You know the drill though, we donate whatever is requested any time and have plenty of max troops available. We don’t require 1:1 donations, particularly for lower level players as we recognize that lower level troops may not be as desirable and thus harder to donate.

    Clan Status Progression:
    All ranks and promotions are earned. Elder is granted after a member has demonstrated loyalty to the clan and consistent war effort and regular 3* performances. Co-leader is granted after an extended period of activity and after an elder has demonstrated the ability to help clan mates who require assistance or advice in war with attacks, war base design, etc.

    Requirements for Entry:
    We are looking for any players that are active. There are no TH requirements. When requesting to join our clan, please mention that you came from the supercell forum.

    Thank you and Clash on!
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    Looking for new members to participate in CWL, members that enjoy Clan games (we max each time), usual wars, or even farming.

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