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Thread: One Chance to Change our Clan Name

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    One Chance to Change our Clan Name

    We all clan leaders mainly have one more chance to Change our clan name as we can change our player name also with gems This may gives players a good update in future

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    This is a commonly requested feature, and Darian, our community manager, has stated that this is being considered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We do not have an option for players to change their Clan name at this time. It is an option we are considering for a future update, so keep an eye on the forums for when we might implement this feature.

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    Yes, I've too requested this too Supercell , the more request and get others to request ,the more chances that we'll get this update soon. And by the way supercells help and support team is great, thanks fonti!.

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    I agree, could be a clan perk. Shouldn't cost gems, who would pay?
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