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Thread: Looking for active FUN derby neighborhood

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    there are only 6 of us but we communicate a lot and are a fairly close knit group..we use Kik messenger
    we are in champions league and trash all tasks under 320

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    Aww that is sad...

    I don't blame you for feeling lonely, you sound a good fit for us though. There is usually always someone on game to chat or help you, we are a happy farming family.
    Here's our ad, see what you think...

    ✴ Come over to the dark side.......✴✴✴
    Dark Side Of The Moo

    Tag #9GL9LQQL
    Blue circle, plain blue background and yellow cow.
    Champions League

    You don't have to be a Pink Floyd fan to join us..

    🐄 We are a very new hood made up of experienced farmers.
    🐄 International players.
    🐄 We like to derby, have fun and win , 9 tasks and 10th optional.
    🐄 We like please and thank you and helping each other but don't like beggars.
    🐄 We are a relaxed peaceful hood who like to chat but if you are
    busy or working and can only pop on that's ok too.
    🐄 You can opt out of the derby but must actively farm.
    🐄 Level 80 up accepted and made Elder straight away.
    🐄 We donate any items so that the achievement can be done quickly and
    🐄 We do not reserve tasks or flip the task board using diamonds.
    🐄 English speakers only please.

    🌚 Please feel free to pm me here if you have any more questions or join us for a chat 🌚


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    ✳️An already Strong Champions league hood is recruiting looking for a few “no nonsense”, derby fierce” “ hit the floor running “ members !✳️

    *No kids ! No Drama !
    *serious seasoned players - who prep for derby & finish tasks early
    * English on chat = communication = game chat
    *self-sustained team members who help team members = courtesy
    *Require 10/10 - 320/400 tasks - solid
    *opting out occasionally understood - keep leaders updated
    *Elders upon joining - don’t take advantage
    *those not doing their part will be booted - simple

    Request to join if you want to be part of a winning team ❣️
    ⭐️Derby Outlaws ⭐️❣️
    Tag #8RQ9JG9

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    I have been looking for your group and can’t find it. What is your tag?

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    I would love to check you guys out but I can’t find you in the search. What is your tag #

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    Hi Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our team. So let me introduce my neighbourhood to you.

    We are English speaking and primarily based in the UK but do have people from many different countries.

    We are in champions league so we try to complete all 9 tasks as a minimum. The 10th task is entirely optional, some of the neighbourhood do it but some don't. All our Derby tasks are from 300+, higher if there is a themed Derby.

    We have various levels within the neighbourhood. Some lower level farms are growing as they play, but they are fully able to complete Derby tasks with the higher level players. The rest of the neighbourhood range from level 40 upwards.

    We like people to chat and communicate with us and will encourage people to use the neighbourhood message box at all times. This will also keep you up to date with all things going on in the hood. It is also useful if you have any problems with tasks as everyone is always willing to help at all times.

    We have FB messenger where we can chat about Hay Day issues and often chat about other things such as the places where we all come from and anything else that anyone is interested in.

    We would really like to meet you. If you are interested please look for our tag


    Come and try us out. We will make you very welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.

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    Come and join SHELLSBUNCH.... we are a new neighbourhood currently in the champions league. I have 5 years experience of hay day. We are a friendly bunch we like to chat and help each other. We love Derby’s but no pressure..... come and give us a look ... I look forward to having you in our hood

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    If you uk all welcome in farmers uk. We need new players that enjoy a laugh and a good derby

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