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Thread: Clan War League Balance or Lack Thereof

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    Skill can only take you so far. Sometimes you can cover a 1 TH difference but most of the time you can't.

    It only become skill based when the in lane matching of TH is relatively even.
    It is a spectrum. When it's evenly matched, and your skill is better than most in your tier you move up. Your skill then gets tested with generally less skilled but stronger opponents. So skill plays more of a role in your wins, while the exact opposite is happening to your opponent. In their case, skill is playing less of a role and their strength advantage is playing more of a role. Eventually it gets to the point that no amount of skill will win and you generally sit in it right below this tier.

    I will say, if there's not enough tiers, this can get thwarted by the difference in tiers being so massive. But generally the above is how it should work.

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    I only play this game because i thourogly enjoy a good challenge. But I also am a realist and know that 13 dip attacks against 13 hitting higher th levels is not a fun challenge. Yes itís close in the end but skill in this game can only go so far. The only reason itís close is because we are very good (not elite) attackers. Because we have good base designs that are hard to 3 star with unpredictable clan castle troops (our opponent has the exact same electro drag loon in every single castle).

    In crystal 1 I would not expect to see many 9s (we dropped ours after first league). I also canít remember the last time we have ever had a th advantage in any war. We still win about 75-80 percent of our classic wars. Itís not hard to overcome being out 12ed in a war if there is a modest difference. I think the fewest we have gone against has been 4 but to be out upgraded at every one is tough.

    Our only chance was for every single hit up to be a 2 star. Even maxed 11 troops hitting 6 level 5 giga Teslaís or maxed 10 troops with no warden hitting fully maxed 11s is a tall ask. We failed on 2 of the 11 attacks I did (with 1 star attacks). War over for this round.

    QUOTE=zank44;12056886]How can a loss by 2 or 3 stars equate to a completely imbalanced match up? The fact is while yes they have more power with higher bases, there skill is lower making it a fairly even match up. Yes it was difficult, but that's the point of CWL, to eventually place every clan trying to push higher in a league where every war is difficult. And that difficulty can come from their bases being stronger or them being more skilled than you are.

    My clan is currently in Crystal I as well. We have 4 TH 12s (one rushed from TH 10 for donating and the other fairly new), 4 TH 11s, 4 TH 10s, and 3 TH 9s. Would you consider us to have the advantage or your clan with no TH 9s at the advantage if we met?

    So far in our 2 wars our opponents have had no TH 9s and only 1 defenseless TH 11 for our 9s to match with. I've taken it upon myself with my TH 9 and TH 10 to hit the highest TH 12s I can for 2 stars. I'm 3 out of 4 with my TH 9 failing with a 47% no star. These 4 attacks have been the most nerve wracking attacks for me this CWL and actually quite fun. We won our first war and are going to lose the second and I would consider us to have been outgunned in both.[/QUOTE]

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    Wow this is great stuff thanks all for jumping in. This is way better than just sending an in-game message to SC. Best of luck in your leagues and thanks again for all the insight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UsernameAttempt70 View Post
    Wow this is great stuff thanks all for jumping in. This is way better than just sending an in-game message to SC. Best of luck in your leagues and thanks again for all the insight.
    Are you going to bench your highest town halls to drop down one league? If you end up in 6th spot, you will see the same level of competition in February CWL. You have to beat the other weaker clans to 7th/8th spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    Well don't play it then. The game is all about having fun. If you don't find that aspect of it to be fun, then don't play it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    What evidence I have seen suggests that most people are finding it fun. But obviously, not everybody will.

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