hi guys,
if u open global chat u can see many saying they want to give them there account by giving there supercell id many have got trapped with this scam...i would like to suggest 2 of my opinion on regard to this topic
1) Supercell can send a news informing players about this scam as no one i guess reads TOS atleast not the ones who dont willingly break it
2)Seprate the gmail and supercell id or join it completely....i mean when u connect ur id to supercell then even though u try to login via gmail u also will have to login through supercell id while quite the opposite if u login via supercell id u dont need to login via gmail.due to this absurdity the scammers are able to get peoples id.......other one if SC can seperate it completely then 2 players ...the original owner and the guy who tried to take the account obviously it aint a bright idea to let the guy play ur id but many people will be happy if they can play there id atleast i know 2 people who lost there id due to this scam and then left coc