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Thread: Level 159 farmer looking for uk time zone hood

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    Level 159 farmer looking for uk time zone hood

    I'm looking to join a competitive & friendly hood where majority of hoodies in UK time zone.

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    HD Addicts Army looking for a few serious players.

    Hi There. Just a little bit about us:
    We are a group of HD addicts that love to derby. Our favorite is Blossom Derby because we will climb the leaderboard at lightning speed. It will also allow us to show our exceptional teamwork and communication skills. We strive for Gold and 3-Line Bingo. We currently have 140 Gold Cups and seeking for more.
    We are helpful, friendly, and self-sufficient bunch. Many of us have babies to support our main farms and help supply visitors for our towns.
    We are well represented across the globe. You can be sure the task board is always updated throughout the day.
    We believe in ruling by committee. You will be given “Elder” status immediately upon joining. If you decide to stay and are a right fit with our hood, you will be promoted to “Co-leader”. Your voice and opinions are always going to matter.
    We facilitate trades within the hood and on trading sites. Trade a way your excess for stuff you need.
    Leader will also help with added bonuses for all derby participants. We want to help you grow and expand.
    We have very few simple rules:
    • One, we ask that if you opt into derby, then you must complete 10/19 max tasks 320/400. We understand that real life gets hectic now and then so feel free to opt out anytime you need.
    • Two, please respect everyone in the hood. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    • Finally, please don’t raid the shops unless the owner has specified “Sale”. This is to allow trades to go thru smoothly.
    You will not find another relaxing, drama free, and yet highly competitive hood.
    If you are looking for a hood, and if HD Addicts Army sounds like a place you want to be, send me a text with your tag and I will invite you. We have a couple spots left that just might be your forever home.
    Happy Farming!!!

    QUOTE=Maureen127;12055213]I'm looking to join a competitive & friendly hood where majority of hoodies in UK time zone.[/QUOTE]

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    Hi Maureen, I am based in the U.K., and we have 8 farms in the UK, plus two in Europe. The remainder are mostly in the USA. Our farms range from 179 to 90.

    We have won 100 champion league gold medals and therefore are a very successful NH in the derby. We achieved 296 in the global league.

    We have no rules, not necessary and farms can opt out when they want. Between 8 and 16 farms opt in.

    This week we have 8 opted in and 1st has finished with a maximum score. We should finish 2nd tomorrow. We love the derby and playing well. We chat and help each other and work as a team.

    We are looking for one one or two more farms who are committed to 320 or 400 tasks and want to be part of our HD ethos

    i will PM you in case you have any further questions

    regards Fatfinger
    Fat Finger Farm - Leader - Creative Fat Farm - #U0CRCQV
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    Clash of Clans - Fat Kitty Stars - Fatfinger TH7 - Leader

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    Hi Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our team. So let me introduce my neighbourhood to you.

    We are English speaking and primarily based in the UK but do have people from many different countries.

    We are in champions league so we try to complete all 9 tasks as a minimum. The 10th task is entirely optional, some of the neighbourhood do it but some don't. All our Derby tasks are from 300+, higher if there is a themed Derby.

    We have various levels within the neighbourhood. Some lower level farms are growing as they play, but they are fully able to complete Derby tasks with the higher level players. The rest of the neighbourhood range from level 40 upwards.

    We like people to chat and communicate with us and will encourage people to use the neighbourhood message box at all times. This will also keep you up to date with all things going on in the hood. It is also useful if you have any problems with tasks as everyone is always willing to help at all times.

    We have FB messenger where we can chat about Hay Day issues and often chat about other things such as the places where we all come from and anything else that anyone is interested in.

    We would really like to meet you. If you are interested please look for our tag


    Come and try us out. We will make you very welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.

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    Hi Maureen. Our brand new hood is just coming to the end of week 3 and we have secured our third gold. Don’t be put off by the word ‘new’ im a very experienced leader who has previously taken a team to top 150 global so I know the game well and how to strategise to compete with the best. I started the new hood on my own and already by week 3 there are 6 of us, and the team is shaping up well! Give us a go I think you’ll like us!
    I am UK as is another player
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    Hi Maureen

    Half of our hood are from the UK and Ireland, so there will always be someone on in your time zone and I'm from the Isle of Man 😊.
    Here's our ad...

    ✴ Come over to the dark side.......✴✴✴
    Dark Side Of The Moo

    Tag #9GL9LQQL
    Blue circle, plain blue background and yellow cow.
    Champions League

    You don't have to be a Pink Floyd fan to join us..

    🐄 We are a very new hood made up of experienced farmers.
    🐄 International players.
    🐄 We like to derby, have fun and win , 9 tasks and 10th optional.
    🐄 We like please and thank you and helping each other but don't like beggars.
    🐄 We are a relaxed peaceful hood who like to chat but if you are
    busy or working and can only pop on that's ok too.
    🐄 You can opt out of the derby but must actively farm.
    🐄 Level 80 up accepted and made Elder straight away.
    🐄 We donate any items so that the achievement can be done quickly and
    🐄 We do not reserve tasks or flip the task board using diamonds.
    🐄 English speakers only please.

    🌚 Please feel free to pm me here if you have any more questions or join us for a chat 🌚


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    Thanks everyone for replying
    i have now joined a new hood

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    Have a look at our recruitment post titled:
    We don’t NEED you - You WANT us – We are THE NH to be in!

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