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Thread: Looking for friendly, helpful and derby forcused

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    Looking for friendly, helpful and derby forcused

    I’m honestly not liking my current hood. Especially with the Power Derby that’s going on. Issues I’m having with my current hood is that mainly the bigger players is pretty much out for themselves when it comes to tasks and not being considerate that some of us have jobs and can’t tasks hunt for days.

    I’m level 65 in the game. I always finish my tasks 320/9 and on a good week 320/10.

    •Helpful - current hood is mainly all for themselves yet still want to come in 1st place lol

    •No instant messenger required. Honestly not on it enough. I rather just check the game app.

    •Looking for a hood that’s great with coming in 1st Place.

    •Derby Focused

    •Very organized however not a bunch of rules to confuse members. Keeping in mind that this is still a game and not to make it seem like a job.

    •315+and up normal derby

    •Special Derby 320 and up with 10th task being optional

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    Please join WEST COAST DERBY Hood. Just created today. I love to play derby & help. Looking for active players, but not wanting uptight players. Just want fun play.

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    Hi I’m Donna Leader of Ridgeview Stables..

    🐴 I’m keeping this hood small no more than10.; I find it easier to get a task and less drama.. **professional league ** two more to champions league**

    🐴 We are 3 experienced active daily and motivated players who enjoy hay day derby 🙃.. self sufficient and willing to help.. levels 107, 127 and 141..

    🐴 It’s too quite!!! Come and make some chatter.

    🐴 We go for the top three. Stress free..

    ***320/400.. 9 task.. 10th is optional, greatly appreciated if placing
    in the top three...***

    **Level 60 Adults Only ***

    Come on over and build this hood to ten. Hope to see you soon 🙃🙃🙃
    Ridgeview Stables
    Tag. P0RPGG2Q. (0= zero)
    Yellow Circle/Purple Horse

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    Sent a private message

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    Hi there! I'm Jannie, leader at KEEPING IT REAL #8YLJCQCY, white horse on blue heart.

    We are an international English speaking NH. We intentionally keep our neighborhood size between 10 & 20 for optimal task selection. We are friendly and helpful and ask the same in return. We have a solid derby record and dedicated players who play to relax, enjoy, chat a bit and hopefully win!

    Derby Goals in order of importance
    * Maintain Championship Level (must)
    * Collect 9 horseshoes (must)
    * Place in Top 3 (if we can we will, we are not and don't want to be a win at all cost team.)

    We play every derby and post in the NH envelope our strategy for each week, so everyone knows what is expected of them.

    A Few Simple Rules
    1. Preferred Level 80+ (we will lower if you’re a good fit)
    2. Adult hood 18+
    3. MUST Speak/Communicate in English
    4. Active Daily Players (maintain your farm, town, and stock items)
    5. Be a Helpful, Friendly, Self-sufficient player
    6. Chatting builds strong NH ties for some. Others prefer to work quietly on their farm. Both are okay. However, a quick, "Hello, how are you" only takes a moment. No off game chat sites are or will be used.
    7. We all try to say “Please” & “Thank You”.
    8. We play 320 and 400 only. If you can’t commit to this PLEASE opt out for the week.
    9. MUST complete 9 tasks, taking a 10th task is helpful, but NEVER required (we know diamonds are hard to come by, if you have them please take the 10th)
    10. We all make mistakes. If you run out of time or take a low point task, own it by posting on chat and take a 10th task. (This is the only time you will be required to use diamonds) We give 2nd chances for mistakes if they're not habitual.
    11. Moochers, drama queens, selfish players, bad tempers & foul language are not a fit and will be removed immediately & possibly without notice.

    All derby players are promoted to Elder status to help keep the tasks deleted and refreshed. We don’t encourage calling tasks... no guarantee it won’t be taken. New players are opted out until contact is made.

    If you feel you’d be a good fit we look forward to including you in our NH!

    Jannie - Leader USA 🇺🇸

    Good luck with your search!

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    Hi HayDaySensation , we are THE HOOD FAMILY . A group of 7 ISO derby fanatics who are team players as well to strengthen our ranks . We lvl from 65 - 138 in Champion League . We are 9 tasks @ 320 / 400 friendly as well ( 10th task optional ) you sound like a good fit . 9VV9VYJ9 , white dog w/ yellow heart . My name is BOOTZILLA .

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