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Thread: Th9 Trophy Base No X-Bows

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    Th9 Trophy Base No X-Bows

    Hi, new to this forum,

    Just having trouble finding a base to maintain trophies at th9, currently in masters 1, hoping to push to champs.

    I have all of the defenses for th9 except for xbows, preserving my war weight, can anyone help me build a base?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Not trying to burst your optimistic bubble or anything, but there's no point to try and find a base that will help save you trophies. Most active players are th10+, so just focus on attacking. The more you attack, the less likely chance you'll worry about losing just a few trophies on the occasional defense.
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    This might sound counter productive but what if you went with an old time farming base. Put your Th outside and just build a compartmentalized base that provides the most cover for the rest of your base. Then, like suggested above, attack like crazy. Just remain as active as you can so people can’t attack you. That will keep your trophy loss down to near zero.

    If you still want a base design though, drop a line. I could probably work something up for you.

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