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Thread: Any way?

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    Any way?

    I have to admit I have scouted players who have played longer then I have and they have them very cool tombstones and cauldron obstacles and it has made me just a little jealous I didn’t start playing a couple years prior. I’m wondering if there will ever be a time when we can get some of the old ones put in the shop for purchase with loot or gems. I personally think even a one time offer bundle or something. Anywho just throwing it out there to the DEV’s. It’s not a million dollar idea but I do think it would bring more enjoyment and being able to trick out our bases give it a personal touch. Happy clashing ladies and gentlemen

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    Seasonal Obstacles reflect when people played. If you chose to remove them... your fault. Its almost like in other games where people get a veteran achievement. If you weren't there for the season when the obstacle was released, I don't feel as though you have the right to have it on your base. That is why they have decorations, to decorate your base
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    Darian (the community manager) has said they have no intention of doing this. It's a testament to how long those loyal players have played the game. Giving those special obstacles away whether for free or for purchase completely devalues them and they're no longer special.

    A variation of your idea that I've proposed before is to be able to purchase special obstacles that have spawned since the date that you created your account. For example if you created your account in November 2016 then you can buy the 2016 Christmas tree and anything the spawned after it, but you cannot buy the scary pumpkin or anything that spawned before it.
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