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Thread: 3 Dedicated Derby Players Looking for a New Hood

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    Hi we would love to have you in our neighborhood!
    Blue cat with pink background♥
    tag# 8V2VORPR

    We are a chatty, relaxed friendly derby neighborhood that participates in the derby every week!

    -Derby participation is important, but not required! Read below for requirements:

    The NEW YORK MARKET Do's and Don'ts

    - Be a chatty neighbor!
    - Do the required amount of tasks for the week if you are opted into the derby!
    - Speak English
    - Opt out if you wish not to participate or cannot finish all required tasks!
    - Be friendly and helpful, as others will be to you
    - Share and say please and thank you
    - And the most important have Fun!!

    -Be greedy
    - Cause any drama
    - Be quiet... We're a chatty nh
    - Be rude to fellow neighbours
    - Not finish all required tasks

    * If any of the above don't rules are broken then members will firstly be warned then removed if the problem persists.

    All members are at least elder status to help trash low level tasks.
    We usually end up♥getting a top 3 placing in the process.
    If someone does not complete the required amount of tasks required of each person, they will be removed right before the derby end.

    Must be level 50 to join! (negotiable)
    So if you would like to be part of our neighborhood, we'll be happy to have you at THE NEW YORK MARKET!

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    Hey Steph.... you guys sound just great. Iíve recently set up a new neighbourhood... Iíve been playing hay day for 5 years so have loads of experience. I currently have 6 members in my neighbourhood... we are doing great in the Derbyís we love to help each other and chat too come and give us a try. I look forward to welcoming you all to SHELLSBUNCH

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    Hurry come join we have just 3 spots left and have an amazing hood... check us out! Tag# J8UGP9U... AWAITING YOUR ENTRY!!

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